Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Many layers of years past | area 51

:: a remodel project | area 51 ::

Decades ago... 1901, walls layered with many thick layers of torn wallpaper.
Let me introduce you to one of the rooms I find most fascinating in our 1901 home. 

Time gone. Colors and styles faded. Worn wood floors. This is the room we so lovingly refer to as Area 51.

I promised a few "remodel" photos of our new home... but as an artist I can promise I won't be posting your typical photos along the way.  I have had enough scraping of wallpaper for now, something I can assure you is now on my top 10 "things I hate" list.  Obviously this is a beautiful work in progress, a creative space begging to be photographed. Call me crazy but I see it as a beautiful mess.


 This room had the layers of wallpaper stuccoed over, worn carpet over the original wood floors... we are in the process of stripping it back to it's original beauty.   I wonder who has made these walls their own over the past 100+ years? I love a good mystery.

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  1. love this post Heather. thanks for sharing. I am excited to see what you guys do with this space. I love these walls, but love that you are enjoying the story within them too. the story that your family is becoming a part of.


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