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We are a husband & wife team and we love working together! 

We met at Starbucks and married one year later in 2002 and now enjoy shooting your wedding as a team! We are professional but can be silly, serious, fun and more than likely will bust a move together on your dance floor... camera in hand! ;)

Our style is artistic, timeless and genuine.  We are inspired by emotion, colors, beautiful lighting and movement.   Our passion is art & photography! We love what we do, we put heart and soul into our work and care deeply about the quality we offer. 

We use both natural light and studio lighting. Heather often jokes that the creative side of her brain must be the only part that works, math, science... etc. never came easy to her in school. However, she can turn a piece of trash into art and dream in full color! ;) Eli is the voice & the business savy manager that keeps things running smoothly. Together as a team we work magic!

We are located in Hilo, Hawaii on the Big Island. We are serving Island, State & World Wide (we have passports and are ready to adventure with you!) 

Our three precious children also love painting & coloring at our side... and on the house. Our oldest Micah is a budding little photographer himself, you may see him tag along to a family session. He never fails at getting a real smile from the little ones!  When we are not working you can almost always find us hiking or exploring with our kids & camera in hand!

We are crazy bird people, we have a feathered kid (harlequin macaw) who keep our lives beautifully colorful and somewhat noisy at times too!

Our desire is to use our talents to create art and photographs that inspire those who see them. We know that our clients are all unique and we make it our goal to get to know YOU and makes you click. We will want to know your story, what makes you smile, and what inspires you; as it's our clients stories that inspire our images. 

The greatest Story is your Own!

If you see something you are interested in please let us know. We believe good art & photography should be affordable for everyone and greatly appreciate referrals.

Thank you & enjoy!
Heather & Eli 
Hurzeler Photography

Call - 360.926.3980
E-mail Heather at: HeatherHurzeler@gmail.com

*** We LOVE to travel and are always up for any adventure & location!

Hilo, Kona, Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Washington, Oregon, the Moon, you name it! ;)  
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