Monday, July 8, 2013

Home Sweet Home | Snohomish

We are starting to get settled into our new place! 
Don't miss out on our discount offer for this month, we would love to meet some new faces here in Snohomish and extend this coupon to our past clients as well. 


Our new home is a 1901 Craftsman just a couple minute walk from the heart of downtown Snohomish, we adore it and all it's charm and quirkiness. She was built with so much tender loving care and one of our favorite things about her is the backyard sanctuary.

 We may dedicate a small little section of our blog, "This Old House" to share a little more personal side of the "going ons" and before/afters of the many home projects we have ahead of us. We would also love to have you over to our new home studio... don't mind the dust as we polish this old lady back up to a beautiful shine! ;)

We spent this past week cleaning, doing yard work and some major fix it projects around the house.
There was a house under all that growth, check out the before/after of the front after just a week! 
Those blackberry bushes and thorns are mean stuff, we are covered in scratches... but it was worth it! ;)

Just a tiny tid bit from our week:
1. Slugs are really gross, collected and got rid of bucket fulls from the backyard.... yes bucket fulls! bleck!
2. This Arizona girl learned what a sump pump was and how to use & clear one. We have two!
3. We love old homes and can't wait to share the secrets of ours with you!

Welcome to our garden... as you can see we have a sweet spot for garden gnomes. 
Our yard is now home to many little fellows tucked up & hidden among the flowers. 
I think they add just the right amount of quirky artsy flair to keep the garden from feeling to formal.

What glorious weather and sunshine we have been having this first week of July! We have a hand full of slots available this month a great time for a family session & engagement sessions!

Drop us an e-mail or call to say hi! 
We'd love to hear from you as we get settled in the city of Snohomish.

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  1. Your home is absolutely beautiful and loaded with lots of charm. Love that little hut in the back! Would love to see more pictures of that.


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