Friday, November 29, 2013

Eli + Heather | the Hurzelers

Happy holidays you guys!!

We are SO very thankful! Thankful for friends, family, our three beautiful children.
A new home, new friendships and treasuring the old.
For celebrating 11 years of marriage last month and being more in love than ever.
Thankful for beautiful sunny afternoons here in Snohomish to enjoy on the front porch with my love!
Thankful for our sweet newfie Annabelle and all of her slobber and kisses.
For beautiful artwork, crayon love notes and glue stick creations from our kids.
Thankful for God's love and each and every day He has given us together.
 Thankful for SO many things this holiday season.

MUCH Love,

*And a HUGE thanks to the incredible Jaime Taylor for taking these pictures of us on Thanksgiving while you & Eric were in town! Love you guys! 

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  1. Gorgeous shoot of a beautiful (inside and out) couple! I so enjoy seeing these "enduring" kind of lover photo shoots - You can see that you two have grown closer and joyful through the years. Thanks for taking the photos, Jaime!


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