Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nostalgia | wedding photos

 If you are like us some time after your wedding day has passed, perhaps on your anniversary... you and your spouse will pour a glass of wine, cuddle up and pull out the album from that day and remember everything just as if it were yesterday. 

You’ll remember how you felt slipping into your wedding dress as you and your bridesmaids laughed together while helping figure out how to get you into your fluffy dress without messing up your hair.  How you didn't feel nervous until you looked at yourself in the mirror as you put the final touch your jewelry on. Or how your mother started to tear up, trying her best not to cry and ruin her makeup... because it finally hit her that you are really getting married.

 You will see your spouse for the first time and remember how the sparks were flying like crazy, the glimmer in their eye and uncontainable smile at seeing each other in that moment. You will remember by the end of the night, your face actually hurt from smiling so much. You just couldn't contain your joy and smiles that night. You will see photos of your closest friends and family all dressed up and relive that feeling of being surrounded by the people most important in your life were all there for your wedding day.
And you won’t think about your photographers, who took the photos that day. And that is okay. Because your wedding photos are about YOU as a couple and not who made them. The greatest story is your own.

 The nostalgia of that beautiful day, sitting together with your lover and reliving a little of that tingling energy you felt on your wedding day. How absolutely beautiful your bride looked in her gown, how you didn't think you could possibly love each other any more than you did that day. These are your moments, captured and meant to be relived for a lifetime together.

 We want you to remember the love, emotion and magic of your wedding day.

Whether, you are planning your wedding day or have just enjoyed the nostalgia of looking back with fond memories on your wedding day...  take time to enjoy the little moments together!

We would love to be your photographers.

Eli + Heather Hurzeler

Hurzeler Photography

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