Friday, August 10, 2012

Soar. Walk. Run.

Soar.  Walk.  Run.

I keep falling in love over and over again every day with the beauty of God's creation here.
We've been taking almost daily nature walks or occasionally a run with soft moss underfoot, trees touching the sky above you. I am in love. In awe, I bring my camera everywhere with me.

I know I could really never do the beauty of nature justice, but I try to capture just a little glimpse.

Its important to sometimes just really slow down, soak up and enjoy the beauty of this earth that God created. Everything from a sparrow to the mighty Bald Eagle, the delicate petals on a flower, a quirky spider who's made his web on your patio and the colors painted across the sky from a sunset.
 It is good.

We were walking along the beach here in Edmonds, WA at low tide when this mighty Bald Eagle came down to check us out. As he sat watching us several crows & seagulls dive bombed him.. screaming for him to get out of "their" spot. Finally he had enough and took off, what a beautiful site we will never forget!

Take time today to slow down and enjoy the world around you. :)
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