Thursday, May 10, 2012

30's | A little about HH

thirty, flirty and thriving...
haha... cheezy l know. ;)

Last week I turned the big 30 and celebrated with some of my closest friends! 
 I've been doing some reflecting on my 20's... yikes, that was a crazy, busy and wonderful decade.
Got married, blessed with three healthy & beautiful children, a zoo full of pets, moved 6 times, started two businesses (LuvARoo & Photography), and completely fell in love with photography and of course kept painting (my first love)!

This is going to be a GREAT year, we've got some exciting changes coming up soon... and I can't wait to share more!!

Just wanted to share a little more personal side of me, since I'm usually on the other side of things... behind the camera instead of in front of it. My better half & talented hubby (Eli) took me out for my own mini photo session, we had a blast!

Paint brushes just make me happy, I love art, bold colors, painting... and the beauty of nature!

THIRTY random things about me:
1-2.) Hot Coffee & Cupcake Red Velvet Wine are my two favorite drinks in the whole world.
3.) I love garden gnomes, like borderline obsessed. ;)
4.) I love rainy days
5.) Singing makes me cry... come to think of it my singing probably makes other people cry too.. haha..
6.) I met my hubby at 19 in Starbucks & we are coming up on our 10th anniversary!
7.) I'm quiet by nature 
8.) Terrified by scorpions
9.) Traded my very noisy grumpy Parrot to buy my first DSLR Camera
10.) Jeep over sports car any day
11.) Reeses peanut butter cups are better than roses
12.) I'm a Nikon Shorty
13.) Weddings & in love couples are my favorite thing to photograph
14.) I designed my arm tattoo which symbolizes my love for my husband Eli & children with their names
15.) I love body art
16.) I went to college to become an art teacher
17-18.) I'm stuborn & faithful
19-20.) I hate camping but love the woods
21.) I'm a sinner
22.) I have been forgiven. I'm a born again Christian and thankful God chose me to be His child.
23.)  Nothing can make me laugh like Mr. Bean
24.) All our kids names end in -ah
25.) I had braces as an adult.. while pregnant, talk about an akward stage!!! lol
26.) I'd much rather DIY than buy it
27.) I'm a natural blonde, but have a love/hate with it.
28.) Thinks that there is to much color in the world to think in black & white
29.) I'm not afraid to try anything once and love a good challenge!
30.) Think that if you are still reading this your awesome & we should be friends! ;)

:: Heather ::
HH Art & Photography

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  1. LOVED this Heather!! Your husband did a great job on your photos...what a great team you 2 make! Can't believe it has been 10 years!! Wow!

    1. Thanks Kristina!! I know it's hard to believe how many years have gone by! I was just thinking about our Disneyland trip together the other day... random & fun!! :)

  2. Love the photos! I need to print one as soon as I figure out how. As I sit here contemplating another DIY project, I had to laugh that you love DIY projects as much as I do. Love your list, found out a few things I didn't know, but should since I am your mother. Love your blouse, It is so you! Colorful, soft and sexy. Is it OK for a mom to say her daughter is sexy? Anyway, you are beautiful and very loved!

    1. Haha... yes, and thank you!! Love you too mom!! :)


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