Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hoops & Hats - Kids Photography

What do a basket ball hoops & vintage hats have in common??
haha... nothing really! ;) ....But this Brother & Sister love them and we had a FUN photo session showcasing the talents & hobbies of two youngest from the "A" family.

Secret confession... I really, really, really want to start collecting more hats after seeing "D's" awesome colletion...  17 in total so far I believe?  These are a few favs, along with the adorable personality of miss D!


I was super impressed with this little mans hoops skills, he made almost every shot!
He's got way more game than me! ;)

They have the coolest playhouse I've ever seen! It's beautiful, complete with A/C, a loft and gorgeous front porch. Can I come play again? ;)

This girl is beautiful inside & out, and has the most stunning eyes! -- Plus if you look really hard, you can see me in them! ;) lol...

Thank you {A} family!

For this session I used:
Nikon D7000
50 mm 1.4
24-70 mm 2.8

Contact me if your interested in scheduling your own {PLAYFUL} kids portrait session!
What makes your child tick, what do they love!? There's no better way to get them to smile for the camera than by doing their favorite things. :)

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  1. Wow, that close-up really showcases her eyes. Nice work!


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